LP2000 Kraft Paper Roll Void Fill Machine – Floor Standing


  • No Jamming
  • 300ft/min
  • 30# or 40# basis weight kraft paper
  • From 18” to 24” wide kraft paper
  • Easy manual tear
  • On large casters for easy mobility


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Simplicity at its best!  This kraft paper void fill machine is identical in function to the LP3000 but has a floor base with large, polyethylene casters for portability.  By using an off-the-shelf, kraft counter roll you are not locked into an expensive, long term contract for your paper consumables.

Use any kraft paper counter roll on this paper void fill machine that is either 30# or 40# basis weight, with up to 1200’ length of material and from 18” to 24” in width.  Activated by a foot pedal, you can have any length desired.   It has a simple, manual tearing device. This paper void fill machine will not jam.

It is only sold through our dealership network that is listed on this website.