LP3000 Kraft Paper Roll Void Fill Machine – Table Top


  • No Jamming
  • 300ft/min
  • 30# or 40# basis weight kraft paper
  • From 18” to 24” wide kraft paper
  • Easy manual tear
  • On large casters for easy mobility

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Identical in function to the LP2000, the LP3000 is to be mounted (bolted) on a countertop when floor space is at a premium.  Use any kraft paper counter roll on this paper void fill machine that is either 30# or 40# basis weight, with up to 1200’ length of material and from 18” to 24” in width.  Activated by a foot pedal, you can have any length desired.   It has a simple, manual tearing device. This paper void fill machine will not jam.  It is only sold through our dealership network that is listed on this website.