LP4000 Pad Paper Void Fill Machine


Please note: Because of the unique nature of this product, customer must purchase these rolls from LincolnPack.  Please see “Consumables”

  • 98ft/min
  • 820ft roll of kraft paper
  • Produces paper padding approx. 5” wide by 2” thick
  • Automatic cut-off to any length
  • Cut exact quantities or continuous

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This kraft paper “pad” producing machine offers its void fill pads at a rate of 98ft/minute.  The very unique void fill paper it uses is on an 820ft roll and is 40# basis weight.  The machine can be programmed by the quantity of sections to be generated and also by the length of each section.  It has an automatic cut-off regardless of which mode you are in.  It also has large casters for portability.  It only takes one roll of paper compared to very similar material of two rolls from other paper pad machines. This product uses LincolnPack product code LPPAD100 for its kraft pad sections.